Policies and FAQ

Policies and FAQ





We are committed to employing the best, highly productive, “right style” team members to provide our customers top-notch quality service. Each day we ask you to work smart and safe, and show the customers we are their best choice. Wearing AGRILAND FS-branded clothing says we are professional and we are proud to work for AGRILAND FS.


The purpose of the clothing allowance is to provide a monetary supplement to your clothing needs while providing you a place to purchase apparel with the AGRILAND FS logo on it. Because we believe that it is important to maintain a certain business image presented to customers and visitors of AGRILAND FS, your employer provides you this added benefit which can help you reduce your out-of-pocket expense for clothing worn on the job. As part of your full-time employee benefits package, the clothing allowance you earn is for personal use only. AGRILAND FS reserves the right to cancel any order that is not placed in accordance with established personnel policies.





Frequently Asked Questions


How do I activate my account?


Everyone will be receiving an email to activate their account. Everyone is required follow this link to set up a password for your account to activate, otherwise you will not be able to receive your clothing allowance. You may choose to use your previous password, or create a new one. The password must be a minimum of 6 characters long. Only characters A-Z and 0-9 are allowed.



Why am I receiving a gift card?


Everyone will be receiving their clothing allowance in the form of an e-gift card. You will receive the link to your gift card code through your email. You must keep this email, or print off the gift card page, as the gift card holds your entire allowance and is valid throughout the year. Keeping the original email will allow you to view the remaining balance for future reference. Just like a gift card for any other online store, you will put in the code at check out. It is reusable if you don't use the entire amount in one order and is specific to your account.



How can I access my gift card balance?


Once you have received the email containing the link to your gift card, you may use that link at any time to view your balance throughout the year. If you need the email resent to you, please contact Christine Doonan at (515) 462-5827 Ext: 1132



What if I order the wrong item?


Occasionally, we have some people place an item in the wrong size, color, etc. If you find your error immediately after placing your order, please contact  Christine Doonan at (515) 462-5827 Ext: 1132.  We can cancel that item and refund the amount to your gift card. You will be responsible for placing a replacement order if you wish to still receive that item. It is very important to double check your items in your cart before you checkout. If the error is overlooked and you receive the wrong item with your order, we have limited flexibility on exchanges and cannot accept returns.



When can I order?


You may place your order any time from the start of the clothing year (February) through the end of November.  We will place clothing orders 2 times per month!  Orders will be processed on the 15th and 30th/31st of the month.



Can I carry my allowance over until next year?


Your clothing allowance and/or any unused portion will not be carried over from year to year.



What is the procedure for ordering?


The catalog may be viewed and orders placed at www.agrilandfsapparel.com during order periods. Each time you order, you will be asked to login to your account using your email address. You WILL NOT be able to order without logging into your account. Doing so allows you to track your order status. It is important to review your order for accuracy before checkout and when you receive email confirmation of your order.



What about tax and shipping fees?


AGRILAND FS catalog pricing includes tax and shipping. Please note that there are additional charges for tall and extended sizes.



Sizing chart?


Sizing does vary between brands, so we recommend that you use the specific brand size chart as a guideline (and your judgment based on past purchases and fabric type/description) to ensure a comfortable fit for “every body.”



What if I have problems with my order?


Your satisfaction is very important to us. Please notify us as soon as possible to rectify the situation. To speak with our clothing vendor directly, contact Mick Kuhns, Kuhns Promotions, at 515-238-7227 or email at mick@kuhnspromo.com. Returns are only accepted on a very limited basis. Occasionally, we will have apparel items available for re-sale to AGRILAND team members (see Overstock section online).



Shipping and delivery?


Employees will be asked to select their AGRILAND FS location when they place their orders. It is important to do so, as orders will be delivered directly by UPS Ground to the location—NOT through the corporate office and NOT to a home address.



When can I expect my order to arrive?


Due to the custom embroidery, it will take at least 15-20 working days from the order deadline (15th/last day of the month) to receive your items. Employees are responsible for making sure they correctly receive everything they ordered at the time of delivery. If there are issues with your order, please contact Christine Doonan immediately at (515) 462-5827 Ext: 1132



Missing/backordered items?


Due to occasional unforeseen stock issues, there is the possibility that certain items may be temporarily backordered. These items will be marked 'BO' on the packing slip that arrives with the order. Items will be ordered, embroidered, and shipped to the corporate office for distribution as soon as stock is available. The location managers and administrative assistants will be responsible for checking to make sure all orders were received in the initial shipment. As employees check through their individual order, it will be their responsibility to report any missing items to their admin within 30 days of receiving the order. If employees miss this deadline, there is no guarantee that we will be able to replace or fulfill those items.



When am I next eligible?


A regular clothing allowance is available per calendar year—January to December. Any employee who leaves the organization shall return to the employer the proportional amount of his/her clothing allowance for the months remaining in the calendar year.



I'm a new employee. Am I able to order right away?


Before you are able to order, an account must be set up for you. Please contact Sarah Bradley at (515) 462-5342 to get your account opened. Once that is done, you are free to place an order during the next scheduled order period.



How am I billed?


As a full-time status employee, AGRILAND FS will cover up to $125 of your AGRILAND FS apparel program purchases. Purchases within the allowance amount will continue to be billed into the deferred clothing account, labeled D864 on your statement, with nothing due. Any amount incurred over the earned clothing allowance will be charged to the employee's credit or debit card at the time of order and will be subject to the card issuer's policies. If you do not have a credit or debit card, it is important to ensure you do not exceed your allowance, or your order will not be finalized. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards will all be accepted, and transactions will be processed through PayPal.



Why am I being asked for my credit/debit card information?


Any purchases an employee makes over his or her earned clothing allowance will be charged to the employee's credit or debit card through. You will only be asked to provide your card information if you exceed your allowance. The billing address you provide must match the address to which your credit/debit card statement is mailed. Any charges assessed to your card through the AGRILAND clothing website will be applied immediately upon finalization of your order and will show on your bank statement as a charge to "AGRILAND FS ADMI AGRILANDFSAPPIA".  Card information is NOT stored on the website.



What is available for order?


In order to maintain an environment where we can be professional yet comfortable, we’ve selected an assortment of apparel options that are appropriate to the requirements of your position, whether you’re looking for office wear, work wear, headwear, etc. This is the only catalog available to be used for your apparel orders. The clothing allowance does not pay for footwear or any other reimbursements. All items are embroidered with the approved AGRILAND FS logo.



Am I able to order items for other people?


The clothing allowance is offered only to full-time regular employees to help supplement their work attire. Therefore, purchase for others does not qualify under this program. AGRILAND FS reserves the right to cancel clothing orders at its discretion.






Reminder of Uniform / Professional Apparel Policy

(as stated in the Employee Personnel Policy, edition January 1, 2013)


AGRILAND FS considers the way employees dress and their appearance significant in portraying a professional image to its customers and visitors. Dress, grooming, and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all employees and affect the business image and how patrons or potential customers feel about our company.


During business hours, employees are expected to present a clean and neat appearance, and to dress according to the requirements of their position. Our work environment offers every employee a “professional casual” atmosphere; whether in office, sales, or operations, etc. we strongly encourage the employee team to present a professional image conducive to business success. All apparel should be worn in a clean and presentable fashion.


Wearing articles of clothing (including caps and jackets) of a firm, company, or product competing with the company is not accepted. If wearing logoed apparel and headwear, you must exhibit AGRILAND FS approved logo(s) or a current company or product that is marketed/serviced by our cooperative. Employees who appear for work or work events wearing unacceptable attire will be reminded of the guidelines and directed to follow our professional policy. At no time is an employee allowed to wear or display tobacco or alcohol advertising while on the job. Employees wearing their uniforms off-site still represent the company and are expected to use good judgment and behavior during non-working hours.


A clothing allowance will be awarded to full time regular employees to help supplement their work attire. AGRILAND FS will offer its employees a selection from an approved professional apparel program. Full-time regular employees, per calendar year, will receive a clothing allowance to purchase approved AGRILAND FS apparel. The purchase, up to the approved allowance amount, will be covered by AGRILAND FS. Payment for clothing purchases in excess of the allowance will be the sole responsibility of the employee.


Unused allowance will not be carried over to the next year. Employees who leave the year they utilize the clothing allowance will have their allowance pro-rated for that qualifying year; any amount in excess of the pro-rated allowance will be billed on the individual's company account and will be subject to the stated AGRILAND FS credit policy. As a part of your benefits package, the clothing allowance is for full-time employees only, and purchases for others does not qualify under this program.